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What can I say, I love lipstick. And I don’t want all my lipstick fetish pictures to get buried in my twitter feed. So I post some here.

Feedback for Hypno, Humiliation, & Findom Files

Thanks to a few good slaves and a bunch of devoted submissives, February was very nice. My money slaves and worker bees put forth their best efforts, and I was overall pleased. A special shout out goes to loadzie, who sent consistent tributes and gifts and went the extra mile with his service.

I am finding, however, that March is even better. It could be because I created so many files recently, and all these new horny submissives are finding me, and everyone who has been with me for a while is all excited that I am creating more erotic content for them to diddle to. I’ve been getting lots of emails from horny submissive virginboys and diddlefreaks who are eager to be useful to me; a bunch of horny penises desperate to be controlled. They have, for some reason, been drawn to me. It’s kind of cute to read their sincere pleas for my orders and domination.

But I am kind of like those Buddhist monasteries, the really serious ones, where if you really want to be a monk, you have to prove yourself by waiting outside and starving and freezing and stuff before they will take you seriously and let you in. Like, you basically have to prove to me over and over that you are devoted, by serving relentlessly and fully. Otherwise I will put you in the lump of whatevers out there, and you will be unimportant. The longer and more consistently you serve me, the higher the chance that I consider you someone worthy of my thoughts and attention, both of which a true slave inherently desires.

Now let’s look at some of the feedback I’ve received so far on my latest erotic Femdom files.

Feedback for Virginity Reset

“Amazing! Its everything I hoped it would be. I can now erase my futile attempts at being a man and live as the little virgin boy I was meant to. Thank you so much for this Goddess Lycia. This is truly amazing.” ~bonejack

“Again, Goddess Lycia outdoes Herself in this IMPORTANT masterpiece. i LOVE You, Goddess! Thank You!” ~22954

“This was the most amazing hypnotic experience of my life. I feel so honored that Goddess Lycia has helped to make me her virginboy loser!” ~ballbreath

“One listen and I seriously can’t remember any normal sexual experience, only humiliation and pathetic neediness. No file has ever done that before. I’m now defenseless to Goddess keeping me stuck forever as a little impotent pubescent virginboy.” ~swishie

“Goddess Lycia’s sweet yet dominant voice and words make me feel like such a submissive little virgin boy. I’m crushing on her so hard right now!” ~aelfstone

“WOW where to begin? Goddess Lycia’s soothing yet sensual voice lulls you into a very relaxed state from the onset. She makes it so easy to surrender to her suggestions. Highly recommend!” ~sheepfreak

“A great mp3. I feel so much better now that everything I know about sex comes from Goddess Lycia. I’m her little virgin boy and I know my place in the world now.” ~moppy

“I came here to forget about ever having sex. I can’t remember what breasts feel like, what a vagina feels like. I mean, I can see them in Internet porn, but I’m so unsure if I’ll ever get to experience it.” ~avalon

“Still a virgin, always and forever because of Goddess Lycia. I’ll never be free of her touch and influence, no matter how much time goes by.” ~holes

“Giving back pure white virginity just to paint/taint it with Goddess Truth how a slaves sex live shall be. A Masterpiece!” ~homeros

“I thought I’d had sex but I’m just a silly little Virginboy making things up in my head. Goddess I love all the blue on your twitter feed :)” ~drawntosatin

“The next stepping stone of brainwashing in the path to Thinking Correctly for Goddess… Erase your past and surrender to Her Superior knowledge and beauty. I’m a horny virginboy.” ~mai

“Goddess at her best – making her boys virgins again.” ~dusksword

Feedback for Constant Diddling Syndrome

“Absolutely amazing! I can’t stop listening. 5 stars is not enough! BUY THIS RECORDING!!!” ~squirejoe

“THIS WORKS! Each day I’m constantly triggered, little things like an attractive girls’ cleavage, or nails, or the curve of her clothes now remind me I am a diddler. Just be sure this is what you want!” ~avalon

“Amazing Goddess I have never been horny like that before … wonderful thank you Goddess Lycia.” ~bourbonkid

“Goddess Lycis’a Constant Diddling Syndrome is a great file in which I strongly recommend if you are like me, someone who love nothing more than diddling my own winky and becoming so mindless and relaxed.” ~subbar

“Goddess really takes her slaves to another dimension, the diddleverse.” ~dusksword

“ogod this file is crazy strong.u think its powerful but it gets100x worse, now i literally can’t stop diddling for even asecond and my hornypiggy brain is full Goddess’s diddletriggers and is more humiliated by the second.” ~swishie

“Goddess Lycia: “I encourage slaves to be aroused as often as possible […] Men […] end up liking fetishes and fantasies they never used to like.” This is proven by this file. Get it and start diddling. Its what i am doing. And its 7:30 am here.” ~john86

“I’ll always be a diddling freak for Goddess Lycia! The embarrassment and addiction grows each and everyday. Thank you, Goddess!” ~knightz

“i just listened to “Constant Diddling Syndrome.” So powerful. i’m so horny, i can’t stand it, and yet i can’t take my hand away from between my legs without the greatest of effort. All i want to do is touch myself. i’m so embarrassed.” ~pili

“I can’t stop diddling. It’s really pathetic and humiliating but I just can’t stop. My hand is on my dick all of the time and I spent my Valentine’s Day watching porn videos over and over. It feels sooo good.” ~moppy

“Another file that will change your life. Good luck trying to resist. In hindsight I wish I had a chastity cage handy to help control myself. You’ve been warned.” ~sheepfreak

“A hot and naughty topic perfectly crafted by Goddess Lycia. I love it.” ~uergel

“Such an amazing mind-melting hypnosis session. I love being a constant diddling freak” ~mummysfag

Feedback for Diddlfreak

“Beating Off 2 diddlefreak made me feel so ashamed of my masturbation addiction that my silly penis got rock hard & pointed straight up. B4 even the 7 min mark I produced long hard squirts that hit the ceiling and dripped a mess on my carpet.” ~fay

“Every word is a silkybitter sweet humiliating dagger. Tearing deep in my soul exposing me for what I truly am. Piggies like me were born to have sex with only our hands. Thank you for this introspection into my true diddlefreak self Goddess!” ~diddly

“Thanks Goddess for making me an horny idiot retarded compulsive diddler addict piggy freak.” ~retarded freddie

“‘Diddlefreak’ is so humiliating. After Goddess Lycia has brainwashed you to compulsively diddle, She utterly destroys You for being a diddling weirdo. It’s embarrassingly arousing.” ~pili

“This is a perverted weirdo’s dream come true. Goddess Lycia is the best when it comes to conditioning a boys sexlife. Every internet pervert and compulsive masturbator has to own Diddlefreak!” ~weirdo bunny

“Goddess Lycia turned me into a constantly diddling piggy freak and now she’s intensifying it. i’m unable to pretend to be anything other than a humiliated diddling circus freak. i can’t even dream of sex without needing to beg to diddle and snort.” ~swishie

“My body and mind are so confused and so horny. Best feeling ever. Thank you Goddess Lycia”~sm10001

“Deliciously embarrassing! I have a crush on Goddess Lycia, so just writing Her name makes me blush now. I flush with humiliation at the constant diddling I do after these recordings. I don’t even have sex with my girlfriend…” ~claycochran

“The best mind fuck ever………fantastic.” ~mick

“another top quality humiliation recording from Goddess Lycia. a total mind fuck worth every dollar.” ~smaller

Feedback for Compulsory Cum Tax

“If you love gooning, orgasm control and findom, this is perfect for You. Let Goddess take full control of your release and your money. Blissful brainwashing indeed!” ~mai

“Wonderful! Recording quality is top notch. Her voice is soothing and relaxing. A must buy in my opinion.” ~moondrake

“This hypnosis was absolutely amazing…I can’t cum unless I pay…and its driving me wild.” ~wolfie

“Goddess, Lycia’s voice is like sweet drips of honey for my ears! This hypno file is amazing, she gets puts you under so fast, then proceeds to have her way with your mind. Hands down my favorite hypnotist!” ~silent angel denied

“Wonderful! Recording quality is top notch. Her voice is soothing and relaxing. A must buy in my opinion.” ~moondrake

“Such an achingly hot voice and a wickedly naughty mind. It feels so good to know you are being reprogrammed by Goddess Lycia.” ~robot

“A new file from Goddess Lycia! An excellent hypoerotic trance from THE MISTRESS of chastity and findom! Thank you Goddess.” ~homeros

“Goddess Lycia’s voice has become a trigger for me…….and this recording is absolute gold.” ~howie

Feedback for “Drips,” the Video

“ogod Goddess your perfect shimmery shiny pretty doll-like beauty just paralyses me totally except for my clueless silly uncontrollable penis which throbs SO hard i love u so much it hurts.” ~swishie

“Goddess Lycia’s perfect lips on display, in this sexy and original video! All i can think is how much i want to feel them, and i never will.” ~pili

“Omg she is amazing. Simply an extraordinary Goddess.” ~bourbonkid

“I feel so privileged to be allowed to watch as Goddess applies her lip makeup. Such an intimate and erotic experience, I couldn’t help but drip along…” ~mai

“Goddess Lycia is so amazing, it’s so great of her to think of us losers spur of the moment like that, thank you on behalf of all for this video Goddess Lycia.” ~df

“If you have a lipstick fetish or not this is a must have ASAP video. Please make more…I love you.” ~puffie

“Perfect for any diddle freak. Goddess is so beautiful and sexy and her lips are so pink and plump, I wish i had lips like hers. Cant stop diddling.” ~sheepfreak

“She is seductive and amazing as always!” ~mrhat

So if you haven’t gotten them yet, get them.


Goddess Lycia

lipstick domme


“Diddlefreak” Humiliation MP3


In this humiliation file, Goddess Lycia brutally humiliates you for being a diddlefreak with Constant Diddling Syndrome. Sure, I’m the one who did it to you, but apparently you wanted it, lol. You were turned into a diddlefreak by Goddess Lycia, and now you will be ridiculed for it. Go ahead and diddle your retarded heartsie-peenie while I mock and laugh at you. You will become even more of a depraved weirdo pervert as you diddle to my verbal abuse about what a truly ridiculous circus freak of a diddle slut you have become.

Other files referenced in this session include Constant Diddling Syndrome, Humiliation Brainwashing for Perverted Weirdos, and Internet Loser Lifestyle.

Includes: humiliation, verbal humiliation, verbal abuse, brainwashing, mindfuck, mindfucking, mocking, ridicule, laughter, findom. 26 mins. for $29.99

Listen to sample HERE.

Purchase through:


“Drips” Lipstick Fetish Video

“Drips” Lipstick Fetish Video

Spur of the moment lipstick and liploss fetish clip, including drips.

I was basically sitting here feeling sexually aroused, and decided to utilize my sexual energy into showing you how I apply lipstick and lipgloss in an erotic manner. Very little talking, mostly just sensual lipstick and lipgloss application and showing off my cockpillo… I mean lips.

6:30 minutes

Includes: lipstick fetish, lipgloss fetish, blonde fetish, goddess worship

Purchase through:

Niteflirt or Clips4Sale

“Virginity Reset” Hypnosis MP3

Virginity Reset

This Femdom hypnosis file will reset your virginity, so that all you know about sex is what you learn from Goddess Lycia.

I understand, sweetie, that you need to be removed from the burden of manhood. You need to be shown your true purpose, which is service to me and all women. Being a benevolent Goddess, I wish to help. After guiding you into into a deep sleep, I will peer into your subconscious mind and remove any memory of ever being intimate with a woman. This includes all instances of regular sex, receiving blowjobs, licking pussy, or even touching a boob. Those are things men do, and they are not for little virgin boys. The only sexual experiences virgin boys can remember are experiences where they submitted to dominant women, paid a woman in order to cum, or got rejected by a woman. Those memories reinforce your desire to stay a virgin.

Once your regular sexual experiences have been eliminated, you are once again a virgin. As a virgin boy, you must learn about your sexuality from me, as it is entirely mine to define. I will teach you to think and behave correctly as a virgin boy, which includes teachings on celibacy, chastity, virtue, subservience to women, and Goddess worship.

Includes: femdom hypnosis, brainwashing, mind control, chastity, enslavement, female superiority, goddess worship. 26 mins. for $29.99

Listen to sample HERE.

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Pink Things (from my gallery)

goddess lycia

Slave Poetry

The Tao of Goddess

When I think I know
I know I don’t
When I don’t think
I know

When I absorb
I purge
When I reject
I  need

To know my submission
Is to not submit
To lose myself
is to become submissive

To want to serve
Is to direct my need
to watch and wait to act
Is servitude

To feel the silky, feminine hand
sliding through me
is the bliss
of Goddess Lycia


Reds Only

red lipstick

Lipstick Fetish

Just to make you weak

lipstick fetish

lipstick fetish