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“Self SISSY Help” MP3

Self SISSY Help

This brainwashing audio file will help you become a more happy, healthy sissy. If you already identify as a sissy, this session will assist you in becoming even girlier, but in a beneficial way. If you aren’t yet a sissy, this session will turn you into one, with the positive intention of bringing you more deeply in touch with your feminine side.

You will be encouraged to exercise on a regular schedule, to treat your body to proper nutrition, and to always keep good hygiene. You will take much more pleasure in keeping yourself well-groomed, and in maintaining a clean and organized living environment.

You will also be encouraged to wear feminine attire on a regular basis (at least 3 times per week), including panties, hosiery, and bras. These can be worn in private, or under regular clothes, if you wish. You will also routinely need to use a dildo (or other phallic object) in either one or both of your orifices, to better learn how a girl feels during penetration.

Overall, this session will assist you in feeling more in touch with your emotions, and you will experience a greater sense of compassion for yourself an others. You will also have a consistent, strong urge to send handwritten greeting cards to loved ones through postal mail, for any occasion or reason. The mushier, the better.

There will also be a strengthened correlation between our feminine behaviors and sexual arousal.

31:27 minutes for $34.99

Includes: feminization, crossdressing, sissification, brainwashing

Listen to a sample HERE

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“Leather Bitch Brainwash” Video

Leather Bitch Brainwash

In this Femdom brainwashing video, Goddess Lycia transforms you into a helpless lump of highly pliable slave mush with her thigh-high leather boots and leather gloves. As you are visually mesmerized by the erotic eminence of her shapely legs and painfully sexy fetish boots, you are brainwashed by audible and subliminal messages which cause you to feel more inferior and servile, and to see Goddess as more superior and powerful than ever before.

After just one run through this boot fetish clip, you will be baffled as to how you didn’t realize sooner how immensely Goddess Lycia dominates your sexuality. Or maybe you did realize, but needed to be reminded of just how completely she controls your slut parts. This Femdom session will make you desperate to get on the floor and bow before Goddess Lycia’s leather boots, knowing fully that while you are so very sexually aroused, you are certainly incapable of cumming without her permission.

Includes: Femdom brainwashing, slave training, mental conditioning, orgasm denial, chastity training, leather fetish, leather boots, high heeled boots, leather gloves, boot worship, Goddess worship, humiliation

17+ mins for $19.99

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“Cuckold to a Candy Cane” Video

Cuckold to a Candy Cane

Ever get seriously jealous of a candy cane? I mean like burning-pit-of-fire jealousy, where you just wish SO HARD that you could trade places with a candy cane for even a minute? Where you are just so pissed off- -yet insanely aroused- -about the fact that your wish is impossible?

Whether or not you’ve experienced this phenomenon before, here you have it- in Cuckold to a Candy Cane. It’s gonna hurt, sweetie, but it’s an addictive kind of pain that makes your silly thingy so stiff and drippy~


Includes: lipstick fetish, lollipop lickers, tease and denial, glove fetish, cuckold to a piece of candy lol

20+ mins for $24.99

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Who do you worship during Kissymas? Goddess Lycia, of course!

Who do you serve and please throughout the entire Kissymas season? Obviously, Goddess Lycia!

You cannot resist me in my sexy Kissymas lingerie. I tease you with my shapely, pantyhose legs and my sexy, feminine curves. My red, glossy lips make you feel so submissive and weak. My velvet voice and my powerful, erotic presence make you ready and eager to SUBMIT. Your need to spoil me senseless will be SO INTENSE; a craving stronger than hunger or thirst! Give in to your desire to think and behave correctly for your gorgeous, curvaceous Goddess- this Kissymas and always. This clip makes it SO EASY!

Includes: financial domination, tease and denial, pantyhose fetish, lingerie fetish, lipstick fetish, Femdom Christmas

18 mins for $19.99

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Wicked Heels Worship

Wicked Heels Worship

Worship my wicked new fetish heels! I want you wearing only a collar, on your knees, and hands tied behind your back. Use your mouth to get them squeaky clean…I can’t believe how much gunk they’ve collected already, just from running a few errands. Since you aren’t out there running all my errands for me, the least you can do is keep my sexy shoes sparkling. You are a submissive, RIGHT? Then work for me, bitch. AND NO CUMMIES.

Includes: shoe worship, high heels, fetish shoes, legs fetish, curvy Goddess, blonde Femdom, Femdom POV

7:29 mins for $12.99

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Superior Vocabulary Humiliation MP3

Superior Vocabulary Humiliation

In this audio file, Goddess Lycia uses her exemplary linguistic skills to humiliate you for being a weirdofreak diddler and porn addict.

Listen… I am quite wise to your barbaric habitudes. In all veracity, your etiquette is contemptible and repugnant. I know that you yearn to hear the truth about your anomalous carnal conventions, and that you long for such honesty to be transmitted to you by an undoubtedly superior Goddess.

As you may know, I am an intelligent Goddess who is linguistically proficient. In general, I tone down my brilliance a bit, so that my articulation is more easily accessible to the populace. This time, you get to fondle yourself not only to the degradation you so fiercely require, but also to my remarkable aptitude in the art of English dialect.

Have fun being inordinately inferior, you loathsome disgrace of a dickslapper.


Includes: intense verbal humiliation, vocabulary fetish, saposexuality, brutal cruelty

18+ minutes for $24.99

Listen to a sample HERE

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“Not a Witch Spell” Video

Not a Witch Spell

In this Halloween-themed video, Goddess Lycia is a witch who casts a spell on you, which will enslave you to her. She mesmerizes you with her hands and fingernails, and offers you a special drink. You find that merely being in her presence is intoxicating, and you become more suggestible than ever before.

Of course, it’s only role play- -and Goddess makes sure you are aware that she’s not really a witch- -so you truly have nothing to fear. Those sounds you hear in the background are just the sou… I mean wind outside. It’s a windy time of year, after all, and you deserve to relax and have a nice glass of potio… I mean wine.

20+ mins. for $24.99

Includes: femdom hypnosis, mesmerism, fingernail fetish, hand fetish, lipstick fetish, black lipstick, goth, goddess worship, erotic magic, seduction, “witchcraft”

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I just filmed and released TWO NEW lipstick fetish clips! I recommend you get both, and watch them in order. Enjoy, sweeties…and Happy Weekend!


“Sweet Lipstick Tease” Video

Watch Goddess Lycia apply layers of creamy pink lipstick and gloss while she encourages you to touch yourself, but forbids you to orgasm. Goddess looks so cute and sweet with her sparkly, pink, lusciously full lips. It’s really difficult to NOT release, when she looks so adorable and sexy at the same time. But, of course, she is sure to remind you more than once that it would be very rude to make cummies without her permission. You have to hold your cummies back, so that you remain submissive, obedient, and servile.

9:03 mins. for $12.99

Includes: lipstick fetish, lip gloss fetish, pink lipstick, face fetish, tease and denial, cute and sweet style

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Goddess WorshipNiteflirtiWantClipsClips4Sale




“Lipstick Tease Vixen” Video

Similar to “Sweet Lipstick Tease,” but with a dark magenta lipstick. Goddess Lycia looks like a seductive femme fatale, an upper-class Princess who is simultaneously amused by and bored with your wanking endeavors. As she applies layers of dark, creamy lipstick and shiny gloss, she once again encourages you to be sexually aroused and touch yourself. You will be surprisingly convinced that you need to cum while watching this video. Of course, in order to do so, you will have to get direct permission. If you want to make Goddess happy- -which is the main purpose behind thinking and behaving correctly- -you will contact her right after watching, so you can plead and beg for release.

11:27 mins. for $14.99

Includes: lipstick fetish, lip gloss fetish, dark lipstick, face fetish, tease and denial, vixen style

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Goddess WorshipNiteflirtiWantClipsClips4Sale


“Bitch Boy Brainwash” Video

Bitch Boy Brainwash

In this sexier-than-fuck brainwashing clip, Goddess Lycia teases and denies your silly cock, and DEMANDS that you PAY. Which you will- because you are a horny bitch boy who is pussy whipped by an internet Lady. Which means you are pussy whipped without the pussy.

Your predicament is obviously kind of pathetic. But you eroticize your humiliation, so it’s okay. Besides, I benefit from extracting your hard-earned MONEY, as if it is the jizz that you are not allowed to release. As you EDGE to my voluptuous, domineering sexuality, your $TRIBUTES$ symbolize all the cummies you’d be able to make if only you were a real man, rather than a ridiculous gooner in chastity.

4:06 mins. for $14.99

Includes: brainwashing, tease and denial, financial domination, humiliation, red satin lingerie, red glossy lips

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Goddess WorshipNiteflirtiWantClipsClips4Sale


“The Mouth” NEW and WAY IMPROVED

If you are a long time Goddess Lycia fan- -like for over a decade- -you might remember my erotic hypnosis MP3 entitled “The Mouth.” Here is a trippy-ass visual flashback.

I decided it was high time to create a whole new Femdom hypnosis audio file based on the same premise.

I swear I’ve become so much better at this, and just had to give it a whirl. So here it is:


In this Femdom hypnosis file, you are blindfolded and entranced, then given a detailed blowjob by an invisible mouth. The Mouth wants you to cum so badly- it is really trying to get those spermies to shoot from your cock. It’s doing all the things which bring you right to the very brink of orgasm. Omg- you have never even imagined a blowjob this amazing was humanly possible!

However, Goddess Lycia does NOT want you to orgasm. In fact, Goddess Lycia FORBIDS you from making cummies out of your ridiculous “circus animal.” That would be a BAD BOY who is thinking and behaving INCORRECTLY. You do not deserve to cum- you have not earned it. And if you orgasm to this file, Goddess will be mightily upset with you.

So the question is: Who will win…ME or The Mouth? Listen and find out. 27 minutes for $34.99

Includes: femdom hypnosis, blowjob, fellatio, tease and denial, mind fuck, edging fetish, chastity, financial servitude

Special Notes: When you purchase this NEW and IMPROVED erotic audio file, you will also get a copy of the vintage version! Compare, contrast, and enjoy. Also, I highly recommend using noise-cancelling stereo headphones for the new version!

Listen to a sample HERE

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