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“Drips” Lipstick Fetish Video

“Drips” Lipstick Fetish Video

Spur of the moment lipstick and liploss fetish clip, including drips.

I was basically sitting here feeling sexually aroused, and decided to utilize my sexual energy into showing you how I apply lipstick and lipgloss in an erotic manner. Very little talking, mostly just sensual lipstick and lipgloss application and showing off my cockpillo… I mean lips.

6:30 minutes

Includes: lipstick fetish, lipgloss fetish, blonde fetish, goddess worship

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“Virginity Reset” Hypnosis MP3

Virginity Reset

This Femdom hypnosis file will reset your virginity, so that all you know about sex is what you learn from Goddess Lycia.

I understand, sweetie, that you need to be removed from the burden of manhood. You need to be shown your true purpose, which is service to me and all women. Being a benevolent Goddess, I wish to help. After guiding you into into a deep sleep, I will peer into your subconscious mind and remove any memory of ever being intimate with a woman. This includes all instances of regular sex, receiving blowjobs, licking pussy, or even touching a boob. Those are things men do, and they are not for little virgin boys. The only sexual experiences virgin boys can remember are experiences where they submitted to dominant women, paid a woman in order to cum, or got rejected by a woman. Those memories reinforce your desire to stay a virgin.

Once your regular sexual experiences have been eliminated, you are once again a virgin. As a virgin boy, you must learn about your sexuality from me, as it is entirely mine to define. I will teach you to think and behave correctly as a virgin boy, which includes teachings on celibacy, chastity, virtue, subservience to women, and Goddess worship.

Includes: femdom hypnosis, brainwashing, mind control, chastity, enslavement, female superiority, goddess worship. 26 mins. for $29.99

Listen to sample HERE.

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Pink Things (from my gallery)

goddess lycia

Slave Poetry

The Tao of Goddess

When I think I know
I know I don’t
When I don’t think
I know

When I absorb
I purge
When I reject
I  need

To know my submission
Is to not submit
To lose myself
is to become submissive

To want to serve
Is to direct my need
to watch and wait to act
Is servitude

To feel the silky, feminine hand
sliding through me
is the bliss
of Goddess Lycia


Reds Only

red lipstick

Lipstick Fetish

Just to make you weak

lipstick fetish

lipstick fetish

Femdom Phone Sessions

load-z has been my slave for a while, but we’ve never actually spoken voice-to-voice. He knows I do sessions on Niteflirt, which include Femdom hypnosis, humiliation, sissification, tease and denial, and financial domination, but has not yet called. He asks:

Actually, I am usually very “in it” with my callers. For Femdom hypnosis sessions especially, I need to concentrate. I focus first on the induction, and I kind of hypnotize myself along with the listener.

With most of my calls, regardless of whether or not hypnosis is involved, I focus a lot on the other person. I listen to their voice and the words they use to help put a character in my mind. I prefer to know your general appearance, and I often ask what you are wearing and what position you are in at the start of the call.

Throughout the call I listen to breathing patterns and any moans or groans for feedback. I definitely do most of the talking, but only after I find out what the caller is into and what kind of session he is looking for. Throughout the call, I will occasionally ask questions, and I will sometimes make the caller do and say certain things, depending on the type of training I am doing.

When I am in control, which I generally am during a Femdom phone session, you really should do and say only the things I want to hear. Go ahead and make funny noises, but overall you just need to listen and obey my commands.

Oh, I also sometimes have a notebook with me when I take a call, and I write notes about the guy. Sometimes I will doodle during a call, or do a mixture of notes and doodles, but I’m still concentrating on the call.

Once in a while I get really chatty callers, and those would be the ones I’ll kind of drift on. I mean the ones who just want to keep talking for the whole session. It’s like, hmmm… I am glad you like me, but apparently all you want to do is talk about yourself to me. Like ew. Let me get to know you in the way I want to. At my pace and rhythm.

It’s all different with money slaves who don’t call… the ones who tribute regularly, buy my files, follow me on social media, but never call. Those guys generally get less focused attention, unless they do something to stand out.

Just thought I’d share that.


I’ll be taking calls for a few more hours!

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“Constant Diddling Syndrome” MP3

Constant Diddling Syndrome

This is a Femdom hypnosis audio session that will turn you into a compulsive masturbating pervert, who is also humiliated about the fact that he’s a compulsive masturbator. Your life, from now on, will revolve around your need to play with your genitals as often as possible. When you are in public, you’ll have to find nooks and crannies to secretly diddle in. It doesn’t even matter if you cum or not, you just have to be fondling yourself as often as possible, because that’s that best feeling in the world. You will choose masturbating over any other possible activity, which will turn you more into a perverted weirdo who can never escape his addiction. Haha, sweetie; you’re going to buy this and it’s going to WORK. Welcome to CONSTANT DIDDLING, LOL.

Note: This is an excellent companion file for “Compulsory Cum Tax!”

Includes: femdom hypnosis, brainwashing, mind control, compulsive masturbation, humiliation. 25 mins. for $29.99

Listen to sample HERE.

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February – Goddess Lycia Month

So tomorrow is February 1st, which is the start of My Month. It’s been that way year after year, because February is the month of both Valentine’s Day and My Birthday (February 23rd). I’ve claimed it as my personal month, and my fans and submissives have never disagreed. In fact, because February is Goddess Lycia Month, everyone serves me at a level above and beyond what’s usual for them. Whether you are generally a good, consistent slave, or one who admires from afar, you are expected to up your game times a thousand for the month of February.

Here is a list of things that you are expected to do for me in February:

  1. Join my Patreon. The closer to the beginning of the month you join, the more content you will get access to for the month you are paying for. I plan to record some podcasts with fetish and Femdom topics, and have already uploaded an exclusive audio file about why I like the lipstick fetish. You get hot content, I get more funds.
  2. Buy my audio files. They are all available through Niteflirt, via the “Goodies” tag. But you can also see them neatly listed on my main website, As you might have noticed, I recently released “Compulsory Cum Tax,” and I have another file in the making. Buy, listen, and obey to any and all files that pique your interest.
  3. Send tributes and gifts. You can tribute via Niteflirt using the links near the top of this page, but you can also send through Patreon. The minimum amount to pay in order to see my posts there is $50, but you can enter a higher amount. Also, buy me gifts off my wishlist. Gift certificates to places of my choosing are also gladly accepted.
  4. Obey my Twitter commands. You should already be following me on Twitter, and you should be “liking,” “retweeting,” and responding to my posts. If you haven’t been doing that, start now. Additionally, you must take all my commands as being directed at you, personally. Too many people see my commands and think it’s not for them. Well they are for you. Obey.
  5. Think of other ways to please me. Many of you have special skills that can be put to use for me. You can create graphics for my promotional use, draw or paint my portrait, or write me a poem or a nice blog entry. If you don’t have skills such as those, you can just put extra effort into spreading the word about me and my erotic art. Certain submissives have been really creative with their service in the past, and have done things I didn’t expect or even think about. Like one year, a subbie donated a brick to the Big Cat Rescue in Florida, in my name. So there’s a brick on their property that says “Goddess Lycia.” Neat idea, huh?

Those are some of the main things I want you to do for me during My Month. But as I mentioned, I will likely be posting more specific desires and orders to my Twitter.

For some of you, these commands don’t even need to be made; it’s just common sense. You know that February is my month, you are eager to celebrate, and you know what to do in order to make me happy. But for those of you do not know, these are the reasons why you should be celebrating my month with your service:
  1. You enjoy the content I create. If you like Femdom hypnosis, humiliation, tease and denial, sissification, lipstick fetish, and/or findom, you want to support me in creating more content.
  2. You want to see me become even more attractive and intelligent. Much of the money I generate through my files and your tributes is put towards beauty products and procedures, as well as toward furthering my education.
  3. You understand I have a magickal quality that nobody else has. I mean, have you noticed? If you’ve noticed, it means you have “The Sight.” And if you have The Sight, you have been chosen to serve, whether or not you realize. February is the perfect month to make it happen.

Okay mooshkas, I’m going to get back to the new script I’m writing. Make me proud. Wake up every day in February knowing that you have a higher purpose, which is to serve a Goddess who brings excitement to your life!


Goddess Lycia
Lipstick Domme

goddess lycia month

“Compulsory Cum Tax” Hypnosis MP3

Compulsory Cum Tax

This Femdom hypnosis session was requested from an admirer a while back. He said, “I love the idea of having a cum tax but also being forced to do things that make will make me super aroused and much more likely to give in.”

You should absolutely pay me in order to cum, I believe this. So many of you have been diddling for years and spurting whenever you want, without any supervision or rules to abide by. It’s been a big mess, I’m sure. And I’m sure it’s been difficult to control, which is why I’m here to brainwash you into needing to pay ME in order to cum, each and every time.

If you pay me only a little, you will be able to orgasm, but it will feel like a ruined orgasm and you will still feel very horny and needy. The more you pay, the better your orgasms will be. And I will make sure that you are as horny as possible, as often as possible, mostly because I am an emotional sadist, but also because I want you to NEED to pay me in order to release. If you don’t pay me at all… sorry but it will be impossible to get relief. You’ll just walk around being a desperately horny, cum-denied freak.


Includes: femdom hypnosis, brainwashing, mind control, financial domination, money slavery, orgasm control, increased arousal. 25 minutes for $29.99

Listen to sample HERE.

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