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“Diddlefreak Asylum” Humiliation MP3

Diddlefreak Asylum

Welcome to Diddlefreak Asylum. You have been admitted to this institution because you are a perverted weirdo. You are addicted to porn, and you play with your genitals all the time. You are obviously a sexually abnormal person, and need to be forcibly committed to a private, locked and closed residential treatment facility for incurable compulsive masturbators.

At the Asylum, you will be subjected to an intense, psychologically-invasive brainwashing program, which will include daily, prolonged sessions of tease and denial, erotic humiliation, demasculinization, and mind-fucking.

Because you are such a pervert that you have been forcibly admitted, you are unable to leave the Asylum until the doctors and nurses agree that you are permanently incapable of being a diddlefreak pervert ever again. Of course, we will never agree that you are “fixed,” because our real purpose is to just make everything worse. And you won’t want to leave, even if we were to grant you release. You will not know how to live in the real world ever again; the Diddlefreak Asylum is your new life.

Includes: hypno-programming, intense humiliation, complete orgasm control, orgasm denial, tease and denial, mind-fucking, behavior modification, being institutionalized, being monitored, twisted psychotherapy, bondage, helplessness, degrading punishments, psychosexual experimentation, forced bi, objectification, financial domination, sci-fi elements. 30 mins. for $34.99

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Have My Lips Become Even More Seductive?

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Sweet and Sultry

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“Thought Obliteration” Brainwashing MP3

Thought Obliteration

Has your mind been in overdrive, lately? Are there a bunch of thoughts going on in your head like way too often? Wouldn’t it be nice to clear all that brainfunk completely the fuck out? Yes, sweetie, it would be DIVINE to get rid of that irritating jumble of congested, cognitive freeways that keeps my poor sweetie from relaxing.

In this brainwashing audio file, I will clear out your mind and turn you into a peaceful dumb-dumb. It’s okay, you can be smart again another time. But for your own good, you must use this brainwashing file at least once per week, in order to have your thoughts obliterated. After each listen, you will feel reset, rejuvenated, and revitalized.

Of course, because this is a Goddess Lycia file, I’ll also make you very horny and desperate to cum.

Includes: femdom brainwashing, thought reduction, thought obliteration, making you temporarily dumb, hypnotic control, mind control, increased sexual arousal, addiction to this file, enslavement to Goddess Lycia, light humiliation, tease and denial. 27 mins. for $29.99

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Pros and Cons of Being an Online Domme (Including Ethics)

Morning is a good time to write.

So I’ve been doing this job for over fifteen years. It kinda blows my mind that it’s been so long. And as the years go by, my income and level of success increases. Of course, it takes a lot (most) of my time. I not only have to keep up with making money in the now, but I also have to continuously plan for the future, working behind the scenes on things that don’t bring immediate income.

When I first began this kind of work online (erotic/fetish/Femdom), I had regular full-time jobs. It took about three years for me to realize that I was making more than enough money to stop going to my low-paying, 40+ hour a week job. I was actually missing out on making money by being at my regular job. And so I decided to work exclusively from home and take classes in my spare time.

As many may have guessed, this job is also a lifestyle for me, and it has its pros and cons. I absolutely love being my own boss and setting my own schedule. One problem with that, however, is that people in my life don’t always understand that just because I make my own schedule does not mean I am available at any time. I’ve read that this is an issue with other types of artists, including authors. Family and friends don’t realize that we actually have to be sitting there writing, networking, marketing, designing websites and graphics, recording, taking calls, interacting with submissives and customers, keeping up with changes in technology, troubleshooting, finding inspiration, and keeping up with both physical beauty and knowledge. We also need time to ourselves, to just reconnect with our core and chill.

Another thing I love about my job is the money. My income used to be low, and I actually didn’t care. I was fine, so long as I had a small apartment, a vehicle to get me around, and enough money for the basics and a few fun things here and there, like makeup and concerts. Even after I was making more money than I knew what to do with, I lived happily as a relatively poor person, accustomed to the adult life I had already been living. Gradually, I moved into a much larger living space and my lifestyle began to include more luxuries. The downside to this is that the more you have, the more you have to lose. I do not think there is another job at this time that would bring me as much money, or even one that I would enjoy as much. I could go back to lower income and be happy, but do I really want to? I am accustomed to my new lifestyle, now.

One of the main benefits of this job, for me, is having a creative and emotional outlet. I have a lot of internal energy that needs a way to release. Before I started this work, I was less balanced; I didn’t know what to do with all the stuff inside of me. I wrote and made art, but it wasn’t erotic, and I had just gone through some major life changes that made me a bit of a basket case. Within the first few times I got paid for presenting myself online, I felt an actual shift in my mood, my confidence, and my overall way of thinking. I felt validated and valued in the way I wanted to feel. I was almost surprised at the level of interest people had in me, and that I was immediately successful. And so I kept going.

And we all know about the judgments people have about adult work, and the misunderstandings. How it is taboo, there are stigmas attached, and we either have to lie about what we do, face a billion personal questions, or be asked to train other people who think it’s easy money. All the people who I am really close with have known what I do since I quit my regular jobs, and they are supportive. With other people, I have to make something up and change the subject. There are some people who I tell right off the bat, if I feel out their energy and know it would be cool. I have definitely wondered (and still wonder) about a more normal life, with a regular job and a husband and kids. It is difficult, I find, to have a healthy, monogomous relationship with someone while devoting most of my time to what I do online. I often feel like I have to be polyamorous and open about it, because I am more accepted by those who are poly.

Another thing that I used to think of as a downside to this job was that, because I don’t have a place that I need to be at a certain time every day (regular job), I have to organize my own schedule/routine. I also found it to be a downside that I do not have anything to force me to be around people every day and socialize. I have spent long periods in isolation, and have had some really messed up sleeping patterns. But nowadays, I actually think it is good that I was essentially forced to find other ways of creating my own routines and making/spending time with friends. It’s been a learning experience.

I still have a bunch of stuff inside me, but now I have a way to get it out, thanks to my submissives and customers. Because I get so much out of this job (mentally, emotionally, financially, and even spiritually), I sometimes wonder exactly what I am giving to my submissives and customers. It’s obviously something, because I’m still making a living. And what I do is more than just help guys orgasm. In fact, one of my specialties is chastity training. At least half the people who call me for phone domination don’t care if they orgasm or not; they just want an experience.

Oh, and the struggle with morals. I have definitely had that, and I sometimes still do. I consider myself ethical, and have had to learn where to draw lines. Some questions I’ve asked myself include, Is it okay to have financial slaves that are married? Will my forms of Femdom hypnosis mess up someone’s head in a bad way? Am I hindering positive progress in people’s lives by using humiliation, encouraging them to be addicted, telling them to stay home and diddle instead of going out and dating or spending more time with family?

One thing that makes me feel better about these questions is that submissives and customers come to me, and pay me for what I offer. I don’t go chasing people down and try to harm their lives. People know what I offer, which includes intense humiliation, mind fucking, brainwashing, sissification, teasing and denial, and financial domination. They find me for a reason, and pay me for a reason. I have been told by a fan that I truly offer an important service. He was a convicted felon who had done time in prison, and he said that my work keeps people off the streets where they might commit more crimes and do more harm in society. People who have this extra energy, this desire and fire, they want to play. They need something “dangerous” to fill a void. And what I do keeps them home at their computer, ipad, or smart phone, where things are actually more safe.

I’ve also had customers thank me profusely for what I do. Hundreds of them. I do not know everyone’s circumstances, but other people also have stuff inside them that leads them to seek out what I offer. Strange as it may seem to some, many people benefit psychologically from letting go of their ego and giving up to the control of another. Fans, submissives, and customers have told me that I inspire them to work harder and take better care of themselves, because I deserve it. I’ve also been told that relationships with family members have improved once they have found me, because there is less resentment in relationships where they are unable or afraid to share who they really are as sexual beings. Instead of feeling depressed and brooding about an isolated sexuality that is outside the conventional norm, they now have a way to release, so they can be in a better mood with their significant others.

People also learn about themselves once they have experienced my sessions. They learn about their own limits, and how to self-monitor. Some people end up diddling themselves sick, and need to take a break. And during that break, they might do something amazing that was building inside them without knowing it. Same thing can happen during consistent service to me. Voids are filled, and voids are recognized. Broken parts are mended, and parts that they thought were in tact might become broken. It’s all a part of some kind of healing and growing process. And we’re in it together.

Is this lifestyle difficult? Yes, it can be. Is it rewarding in ways other than financially? Absolutely. I have chosen this over a more conventional life, and I do not regret it. And I am really grateful that what I naturally want to put out there just happens to be in demand. Sometimes I feel like I am just a conduit, and something that the internet world needs is being channeled through me. It’s interesting to explore the reasons behind why things happen. In the beginning, I didn’t know I would be so well-received. My mind is a bit twisted in a way that isn’t necessarily common for Dominatrices. I’m also not a typical model, physically. But it was kind of like the internet world was waiting for me to appear, because I’ve had continuous success for over fifteen years.

Welp, I have some stuff to take care of, or I could go on writing. I should be around later, and I’m excited to continue to experience life and sexuality with you.


Goddess Lycia

Bath Feet

Lipstick Fetish

What can I say, I love lipstick. And I don’t want all my lipstick fetish pictures to get buried in my twitter feed. So I post some here.

Feedback for Hypno, Humiliation, & Findom Files

Thanks to a few good slaves and a bunch of devoted submissives, February was very nice. My money slaves and worker bees put forth their best efforts, and I was overall pleased. A special shout out goes to loadzie, who sent consistent tributes and gifts and went the extra mile with his service.

I am finding, however, that March is even better. It could be because I created so many files recently, and all these new horny submissives are finding me, and everyone who has been with me for a while is all excited that I am creating more erotic content for them to diddle to. I’ve been getting lots of emails from horny submissive virginboys and diddlefreaks who are eager to be useful to me; a bunch of horny penises desperate to be controlled. They have, for some reason, been drawn to me. It’s kind of cute to read their sincere pleas for my orders and domination.

But I am kind of like those Buddhist monasteries, the really serious ones, where if you really want to be a monk, you have to prove yourself by waiting outside and starving and freezing and stuff before they will take you seriously and let you in. Like, you basically have to prove to me over and over that you are devoted, by serving relentlessly and fully. Otherwise I will put you in the lump of whatevers out there, and you will be unimportant. The longer and more consistently you serve me, the higher the chance that I consider you someone worthy of my thoughts and attention, both of which a true slave inherently desires.

Now let’s look at some of the feedback I’ve received so far on my latest erotic Femdom files.

Feedback for Virginity Reset

“Amazing! Its everything I hoped it would be. I can now erase my futile attempts at being a man and live as the little virgin boy I was meant to. Thank you so much for this Goddess Lycia. This is truly amazing.” ~bonejack

“Again, Goddess Lycia outdoes Herself in this IMPORTANT masterpiece. i LOVE You, Goddess! Thank You!” ~22954

“This was the most amazing hypnotic experience of my life. I feel so honored that Goddess Lycia has helped to make me her virginboy loser!” ~ballbreath

“One listen and I seriously can’t remember any normal sexual experience, only humiliation and pathetic neediness. No file has ever done that before. I’m now defenseless to Goddess keeping me stuck forever as a little impotent pubescent virginboy.” ~swishie

“Goddess Lycia’s sweet yet dominant voice and words make me feel like such a submissive little virgin boy. I’m crushing on her so hard right now!” ~aelfstone

“WOW where to begin? Goddess Lycia’s soothing yet sensual voice lulls you into a very relaxed state from the onset. She makes it so easy to surrender to her suggestions. Highly recommend!” ~sheepfreak

“A great mp3. I feel so much better now that everything I know about sex comes from Goddess Lycia. I’m her little virgin boy and I know my place in the world now.” ~moppy

“I came here to forget about ever having sex. I can’t remember what breasts feel like, what a vagina feels like. I mean, I can see them in Internet porn, but I’m so unsure if I’ll ever get to experience it.” ~avalon

“Still a virgin, always and forever because of Goddess Lycia. I’ll never be free of her touch and influence, no matter how much time goes by.” ~holes

“Giving back pure white virginity just to paint/taint it with Goddess Truth how a slaves sex live shall be. A Masterpiece!” ~homeros

“I thought I’d had sex but I’m just a silly little Virginboy making things up in my head. Goddess I love all the blue on your twitter feed :)” ~drawntosatin

“The next stepping stone of brainwashing in the path to Thinking Correctly for Goddess… Erase your past and surrender to Her Superior knowledge and beauty. I’m a horny virginboy.” ~mai

“Goddess at her best – making her boys virgins again.” ~dusksword

Feedback for Constant Diddling Syndrome

“Absolutely amazing! I can’t stop listening. 5 stars is not enough! BUY THIS RECORDING!!!” ~squirejoe

“THIS WORKS! Each day I’m constantly triggered, little things like an attractive girls’ cleavage, or nails, or the curve of her clothes now remind me I am a diddler. Just be sure this is what you want!” ~avalon

“Amazing Goddess I have never been horny like that before … wonderful thank you Goddess Lycia.” ~bourbonkid

“Goddess Lycis’a Constant Diddling Syndrome is a great file in which I strongly recommend if you are like me, someone who love nothing more than diddling my own winky and becoming so mindless and relaxed.” ~subbar

“Goddess really takes her slaves to another dimension, the diddleverse.” ~dusksword

“ogod this file is crazy strong.u think its powerful but it gets100x worse, now i literally can’t stop diddling for even asecond and my hornypiggy brain is full Goddess’s diddletriggers and is more humiliated by the second.” ~swishie

“Goddess Lycia: “I encourage slaves to be aroused as often as possible […] Men […] end up liking fetishes and fantasies they never used to like.” This is proven by this file. Get it and start diddling. Its what i am doing. And its 7:30 am here.” ~john86

“I’ll always be a diddling freak for Goddess Lycia! The embarrassment and addiction grows each and everyday. Thank you, Goddess!” ~knightz

“i just listened to “Constant Diddling Syndrome.” So powerful. i’m so horny, i can’t stand it, and yet i can’t take my hand away from between my legs without the greatest of effort. All i want to do is touch myself. i’m so embarrassed.” ~pili

“I can’t stop diddling. It’s really pathetic and humiliating but I just can’t stop. My hand is on my dick all of the time and I spent my Valentine’s Day watching porn videos over and over. It feels sooo good.” ~moppy

“Another file that will change your life. Good luck trying to resist. In hindsight I wish I had a chastity cage handy to help control myself. You’ve been warned.” ~sheepfreak

“A hot and naughty topic perfectly crafted by Goddess Lycia. I love it.” ~uergel

“Such an amazing mind-melting hypnosis session. I love being a constant diddling freak” ~mummysfag

Feedback for Diddlfreak

“Beating Off 2 diddlefreak made me feel so ashamed of my masturbation addiction that my silly penis got rock hard & pointed straight up. B4 even the 7 min mark I produced long hard squirts that hit the ceiling and dripped a mess on my carpet.” ~fay

“Every word is a silkybitter sweet humiliating dagger. Tearing deep in my soul exposing me for what I truly am. Piggies like me were born to have sex with only our hands. Thank you for this introspection into my true diddlefreak self Goddess!” ~diddly

“Thanks Goddess for making me an horny idiot retarded compulsive diddler addict piggy freak.” ~retarded freddie

“‘Diddlefreak’ is so humiliating. After Goddess Lycia has brainwashed you to compulsively diddle, She utterly destroys You for being a diddling weirdo. It’s embarrassingly arousing.” ~pili

“This is a perverted weirdo’s dream come true. Goddess Lycia is the best when it comes to conditioning a boys sexlife. Every internet pervert and compulsive masturbator has to own Diddlefreak!” ~weirdo bunny

“Goddess Lycia turned me into a constantly diddling piggy freak and now she’s intensifying it. i’m unable to pretend to be anything other than a humiliated diddling circus freak. i can’t even dream of sex without needing to beg to diddle and snort.” ~swishie

“My body and mind are so confused and so horny. Best feeling ever. Thank you Goddess Lycia”~sm10001

“Deliciously embarrassing! I have a crush on Goddess Lycia, so just writing Her name makes me blush now. I flush with humiliation at the constant diddling I do after these recordings. I don’t even have sex with my girlfriend…” ~claycochran

“The best mind fuck ever………fantastic.” ~mick

“another top quality humiliation recording from Goddess Lycia. a total mind fuck worth every dollar.” ~smaller

Feedback for Compulsory Cum Tax

“If you love gooning, orgasm control and findom, this is perfect for You. Let Goddess take full control of your release and your money. Blissful brainwashing indeed!” ~mai

“Wonderful! Recording quality is top notch. Her voice is soothing and relaxing. A must buy in my opinion.” ~moondrake

“This hypnosis was absolutely amazing…I can’t cum unless I pay…and its driving me wild.” ~wolfie

“Goddess, Lycia’s voice is like sweet drips of honey for my ears! This hypno file is amazing, she gets puts you under so fast, then proceeds to have her way with your mind. Hands down my favorite hypnotist!” ~silent angel denied

“Wonderful! Recording quality is top notch. Her voice is soothing and relaxing. A must buy in my opinion.” ~moondrake

“Such an achingly hot voice and a wickedly naughty mind. It feels so good to know you are being reprogrammed by Goddess Lycia.” ~robot

“A new file from Goddess Lycia! An excellent hypoerotic trance from THE MISTRESS of chastity and findom! Thank you Goddess.” ~homeros

“Goddess Lycia’s voice has become a trigger for me…….and this recording is absolute gold.” ~howie

Feedback for “Drips,” the Video

“ogod Goddess your perfect shimmery shiny pretty doll-like beauty just paralyses me totally except for my clueless silly uncontrollable penis which throbs SO hard i love u so much it hurts.” ~swishie

“Goddess Lycia’s perfect lips on display, in this sexy and original video! All i can think is how much i want to feel them, and i never will.” ~pili

“Omg she is amazing. Simply an extraordinary Goddess.” ~bourbonkid

“I feel so privileged to be allowed to watch as Goddess applies her lip makeup. Such an intimate and erotic experience, I couldn’t help but drip along…” ~mai

“Goddess Lycia is so amazing, it’s so great of her to think of us losers spur of the moment like that, thank you on behalf of all for this video Goddess Lycia.” ~df

“If you have a lipstick fetish or not this is a must have ASAP video. Please make more…I love you.” ~puffie

“Perfect for any diddle freak. Goddess is so beautiful and sexy and her lips are so pink and plump, I wish i had lips like hers. Cant stop diddling.” ~sheepfreak

“She is seductive and amazing as always!” ~mrhat

So if you haven’t gotten them yet, get them.


Goddess Lycia

lipstick domme