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New Skype & Thoughts on Camming

Hey mooshkas!

I’m using a new Skype ID for camming and/or chat with financial slaves. Buy it through NF or IWC (buttons are at the end of this post).

I should also specify that- -over the years- -I have rarely “done cam.” I’m generally more about the voice, the words, and the psychology of Femdom- regardless of visuals. I do occasionally get on cam with submissives who have proven themselves with consistent financial service. I am considering using cam more, for those who are into it.

As far as cam sessions go, I am mostly interested in lipstick fetish fans, humiliation subs, and wallets to rinse hard. If you like my selfies, and find that my appearance adds to my Femdom power, then camming with me could be quite fun.

I am less inclined to use cam for erotic hypnosis sessions, as I have found them a bit physically awkward, in the past. Really demanding sessions with my eyes or lips pressed nearly right up to the webcam. If you’re cool with me sitting here comfortably, while you look at my face, I’d be more inclined to trance you while on cam.

As far as me-looking-at-you goes, I can live with or without it. If you are into sissification or want me to make you do humiliating things, I might actually be amused. Which is one of your responsibilities, as a Goddess Lycia fan (keeping me entertained).

So, that’s the update, and here are the buttons:


lipstick fetish

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