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Lipstick Domme Reviews:

Lycia is the BESTIE

Goddess Lycia's beauty and lipstick seduction is the best. Sweet, lovable, seductive, and in FULL CONTROL. Time to SUBMIT (again)!!! Mmmmmmmm.......
- Finnzie

So beautifu! So powerful !

Goddess Lycia's beauty is without comparison. Her luscious pouty lips and silky heavenly voice will burn a permanent presence into your mind. Goddess Lycia has an aura of pure feminine energy that will seduce and enslave your very essences. So very powerful. She is such a creative master mind and deserves all of your admiration and devotion.
- Diddly

Lycia's Control

It was a very long (5+ years) until i finally release control of my mind to Goddess Lycia. Being taken into hypnosys was very scary and i would exit the session files before her countdowns would finish. Finally, i was able to get past the coundown in Mind Control Doctrine. Now She has taken control of my brain. I sit in the morning trying to remember things but i just cannot. And i realize that Goddess Lycia has control of my brain, and i have been confined to a tiny area at the outskirts of my brain. But i am glad. I love being blank and empty when Goddess Lycia is speaking. My penis points like and arrow toward Her. It reaches and stretches to Her in love and worship. But orgasm has been removed from me so i never cum without Her direct permission. It is impossible to cum. But i so LOVE her orgasms. (OMG, Goddess, Your orgasms are beautiful!) I admire and i am in awe of Her that She cums! It doesnt seem possible, but Goddess Lycia gets more beautiful every time i see Her. I marvel at Her beauty.
- slave22954

Beyond awesomeness

Goddess Lycia is not only heartbreaking beautiful with the prettiest eyes the world has ever seen but she is a terrifyingly poweful hypnotist and humiliatrix. She is able to take your deepest, most humiliating and intense fantasies and make them even stronger until you would do anything in the world to become her ridiculously weak and needy fetish toy. It scares me to think what she could continue to turn me into but still I want it, need it more and more and more. She is perfect.
- steffisissybrainz

Goddess amazing

Godess Lycia, obsession grows, she cultivates slave obsession expertly, it grows stronger stronger everyday, the neeeeeeed for her control
- Slavepaulie

The Supreme Goddess Lycia

Goddess Lycia is The supreme hypnotist! Her files are masterpieces of the art of FemDommme Hypnosis! Listen to Her unique voice over a period of time and you will become hopelessly and blissfully addicted to Her beauty. You will want to serve Her and You will find Yourself following her beautiful Path of Least Resistance into Submission! You will Yearn and throb for Her Control!
- MonkeyPig

Pleasurable Ensnarement

Goddess Lycia is the one i can't get away from. She will make you feel like nothing you've ever experienced before.
- Psim

Perfect Goddess Lycia

i fell for Goddess Lycia immediately after hearing her hypnotic voice for the first time, and before i even knew how incredibly beautiful She is. i've been an admirer, slave and devotee of Hers for years. Her ability to completely enthrall me in just her online presence is still amazing to me. No one has ever made me feel as excited and fulfilled as Her.
- Michael Smith

Lycia the Living Goddess

Goddess Lycia is a true master Her living artform. She has allowed this workerbee to give up it's old life and buzz buzz in Her honor. it loves having a new purpose in building Goddess Lycia's hypnotic hive and Working tirelessly to please Her. Any potential subs who have an itch for hypnosis or humiliation should not hesitate to approach Her. She is the most beautiful and responsive Goddess this bee has encountered and She can make any subs fantasies their reality (while adding a few of Her own fantasies too).
- workerbeechris

Goddess is the greatest ever!!!

i am so lucky to have encountered Goddess Lycia in my life, i really don't know where i would be without her. We've had some amazing calls and conversations. i've never had anyone that seemed to know me so well and she always always tells me the truth. knowing Goddess is like living in a carnival every day. She's the most wonderful, beautiful and amazing woman i've ever met.
- ballbreath

Totally devoted to goddess lycia

I have been following goddess lycia for a year now and I love her videos and pictures and audio file. Basically anything that she creates is amazing and very very very very very very addicting. If you don't have any of her files I would get them asap. Love you goddess lycia
- Hppuffy


I found the Goddess at a young age. I didnt know what i wanted until i saw her face for the first time. Her lips. Her eyes. her voice. The way she spoke. Even the way she moved her ideas became a large part of what i define as beautiful sexual sensual and kinky. Her presence in my life even without knowing her was massive. I didnt know i had a lipfetish until she showed me what that was. I didnt know what it meant to be obsessed or addicted. All i knew was i loved her work and almost anything she did was sexy. I often dreamed of her speaking to me. Wanting me to be her slave and though i never wanted to be anything like that for anyone before for her. I could feel it. I couldnt wouldnt resist her call. When i think of hypnosis i think of Goddess Lycia. When i think of lips. Hypnotic eyes. Feet. Humiliation. Domination. I can only see it coming from her. I've listened to so many of her files and i sleep with worker bee on loop. I can't help it and i dont want to. I belong to Goddess Lycia. I am her lipstick slave. I am her paypig and i am in ecstacy. I love my Goddess. Now and forever.
- Jack