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Findom Updates! Did I mention YOU?

Hey there, mooshkas. How is your summer going? Mine is going just dandy. I hope you enjoy this journal entry, because one day I plan to make these entries members-only. Like, you’ll be able to read the first few sentences, but will have to pay to read more. I become greedier with age, I think. And also, most people who read and view my stuff are undeserving. Like no offense, but you should give me money for everything I share online, and if you don’t ever do that, it’s kinda like you can just go away.

So you all saw how one of my admirers, “slave 22954,” sent me $1k in cash in the mail. He tributed some more online after that, and then kinda disappeared. He’s still a member of my FollowPlus, though, and I imagine he will come crawling back to be financially used, as ALL my money slaves eventually do. Over and over until the end of time.

Apparently, seeing me get cash in the mail inspired another admirer, who I’ll refer to as “doggie,” to desperately need to send me some cash in the mail, too. I told him he’d have to send at least $1,100, in order to be more impressive than slave 22954. He agreed, but said he would send installments, to help eliminate the chance of being caught by his much-less-attractive-than-me wifey. He said he sent the first installment last week, and I look forward to receiving it soon. I do prefer larger chunks of cash at a time, though.

I generally don’t contact slaves for money or gifts; they come to me. But the other day I wrote one of my on-and-off money slaves, “loadzie,” and asked him if he wanted to buy me a handbag off my wishlist, being that he usually buys me my handbags. And he replied, “thanks but I won’t be buying the handbag.” And yet within the past week he has sent me $400, which is more than any of the handbags on my wishlist cost. Silly subbies. They know how good it feels to please me, and how crappy it feels to deny me anything. And I not-so-secretly think loadzie will step up and buy me a fucking handbag on top of the tributes, because I fucking deserve it and he knows he needs to CLEANSE.

Still doing lots of calls with sissy joy, which really add up to some $$$ for me at $9.99 per minute. I don’t even think sissy joy is into financial domination; she just happens to make enough to spend on me, and I deliver what she craves: harsh humiliation and sissification with my distinctively cutesie kick. No matter how deep my psychological cruelty goes, sissy joy cannot resist how sweetly I deliver insults and commands. I basically turn her into a circus sideshow freak within the realms of her own bedroom, and it’s the only thing she can really get off to anymore. I mean, she’s a VIRGIN with a 3½ inch clitty anyway, lol. So might as well diddle to my condescending verbal abuse and sadistic giggles.

Speaking of submissives who need humiliation in order to make squirties, some dude named “pathetic johnnie” called me last night. I was like, “Who are you?” He said that he served me five years ago, and gave me a rundown of what I would say to him and have him do. He also said he spent 5k on me in a week, so he got scared and ran away, admiring from afar until now. I was like, “Well you must not have been all that impressive, because I don’t even remember you.” Like, how embarrassing; imagine spending 5k on a woman in a week and she has no clue who you are five years later. Well that’s how it works, bitch boyz. You make yourself memorable or be forgotten. Maybe this time around he will make some sort of impression.

And did I tell you guys about how me and Mistress Steele (my bakkaw) rinsed “finnzie” the other night? Yeah, she and I were on cam just sharing a lipstick and eating cherries after going skinny dipping in my pool, and we each got $400 from him. So he spent $800 total, just kicking it with us and not even diddling. Of course, because it was finnzie, we did get him pretty damn intoxicated so that he could loosen up, wallet-wise. It’s just a fine line with him before his “loose wallet” phase moves into a “lose wallet” type thing. Then it’s like, okay you aren’t very useful anymore.

I have some stuff to do tonight, but should be around for sessions during the daytime, and maybe late at night. Shop my Femdom hypnosis files and join my FollowPlus so you don’t miss any of my exclusive, erotic updates. Start a blog in my honour, or update the one you’ve been slacking on!


Goddess Lycia, aka THE Lipstick Domme

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