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Hey mooshkas! Good day.

So I’m a believer in not putting all your eggs in one basket, especially when it comes to work and money. Because you never know what could happen, and who wants to be out of money?

I have been using Niteflirt for a long time, and they have been the most consistent, reliable, and reputable platform through which to share my Femdom erotic content. There have been several other platforms I’ve joined and tested out, and even made some good money through. But they have either disappointed me or closed down completely.

Aside from Niteflirt, the only other way I’ve been sharing my content is through my Clips4Sale store, which as of now is only fetish video files (no audios, photos, or text).

So at the recommendation of a friend, I have decided to join Patreon.

Remember when I was a member of the late “FollowPlus?” Well it is kind of like that, but way better. It’s more organized and gives more options for sharing content and interaction, and it is mainstream with a good reputation. They allow “adult” content, but that won’t show up in Patreon’s search results. I have to market my own page, and bring my customers/fans/subbies in through my personal links.

So far I’ve put up some videos and photos that I’ve previously created, which you may or may not have already seen. I plan to update with new and exclusive content as well. There’s even a private chat room with voice text that we can play in. You should know that most of my patron-only posts will be temporary (up for a limited time). So it’s a good idea to join and see what is up there at any time, because it could disappear forever at any moment!

I will likely add more “tiers” and offer more “rewards” for patrons who pledge different amounts. I think there is a lot of possibility here, and can be beneficial for (most importantly) ME, and also for those who follow me and enjoy my content.

For now, I will use my Twitter to keep my fans and submissives informed about new content or events on my Patreon. A lot of you follow me on Twitter, because it is where I mostly post. If you don’t already, you obvi should.

It’s also worthwhile to mention that Patreon takes a very small cut, which is different than Niteflirt, Clips4Sale, and most any other platform that permits adult content. So I get more of what you spend!

As of now, I plan to post new voice files, photos, text, and short videos that have to do with my areas of specialization. These include: lipstick fetish, financial domination, tease and denial, femdom hypnosis, humiliation, sissification, and slave training. I also plan to post personal updates that won’t be posted elsewhere. And also for now, I do not promise any set schedule for my posts. I want to have the freedom to post what I want, when I want. So you will just have to trust that exciting, erotic content will be posted regularly. And be there when it’s posted, because it will disappear once I decide it’s had a good run. Then I might end up selling the content through Niteflirt or Clips4Sale for a lot more.

I will still use Niteflirt for my audio files and any really big projects. And for phone sessions, of course. But I also might offer the same file for a limited time to my patrons on Patreon.

Let’s see how well we can make this work! It could be lots of fun!

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