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Post-Birthday Post!

Hey all! So it’s the day after my birthday, but of course I’m celebrating all month long. My birthday weekend was pretty darn fun; my family, my friends, and my fans all came through to show me some major love. Special shout-outs to my online subbies and admirers who gifted me, including cunty pig, luvlycia, holes, cummie, and sissy miss fucking bitchface cunt JASMINE CUPCAKES.

Let me think where to start with weekend re-cap. Well on Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to a Mardi Gras party at his friends’ beautiful mansion. I am not usually a drinker, but I was like, “It’s my fucking birthday weekend,” so I drank and danced and looked oh-so-mysterious in my mask from Venice. My boyfriend, however, looked frightening as f*ck in the cat mask he wore. I posted some pics on my twitter if you want to see the mask sitch. Below is a pic of me before the party, wearing my blingy birthday LIPS necklace from holes:


On Sunday, me and the boyfriend went to get me a NEW CAR, because it’s time. But guess what? The car dealerships are closed on Sundays, like idiots. So we went to a few different lots to look around. It was kind of nice, actually, to get an idea of what’s available without some guy following you around trying to sell something. Anyway, I’ll be getting a new car soon, and am pretty excited about it.

Then my actual birthday was Monday (yesterday), and I got together with some of my besties for dinner at an Italian restaurant and some horrendous laughter playing Cards Against Humanity until the wee hours. Here is a fierce face pic of me just before we went to dinner:


I got lots of wishlist gifts already, and more are on their way. I am most thoroughly impressed with Sissy Jasmine Cupcakes, who was sending tributes all weekend long, and altogether spent over $1k. It was also a nice surprise to get a $300 tribute from cummie while I was at my birthday din-din. cummie also got me this massive squishy birthday cake, which was a big hit with everyone. It’s definitely gotten some hug action since it’s moved into my home.


That pretty much sums up the basics. I might post more prezzie pics when more stuff comes in. Either way, thanks to all who played a part in my legitimately happy birthday.

Tonight I’ll be celebrating on Niteflirt, playing with and potentially breaking more “toys!”

*multiple kissies swimming fervently upon your nether regions, consistently causing you to become more irrevocably enslaved*

~Goddess Lycia

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