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Testimonial for “Teasing your Cummies Out” by Matty

One of my erotic hypnosis admirers wrote a lovely review of my latest Femdom hypnosis audio file, “Teasing your Cummies Out.” Here it is:

There are many reasons why I love this hypnosis session by Goddess Lycia. First, I just love when she does any kind of teasing hypnosis sessions like this one. She was one of the first hypnodommes I listened to when I discovered this fetish several years ago. I’ve been a fan ever since. She really understands the benefits of delaying “satisfaction” and extending arousal through teasing. Even for someone like myself, who isn’t really all that submissive in real life, she’s able to easily harness arousal and use it for her own purposes. When I go into trance listening to this session I find myself wanting to kneel, beg, and yearn for just a little bit more of her attention. For just a little bit more of her teasing and touches. I should also note that kissing and any sort of kiss related imagery is a huge fetish of mine, so when she brings that into the fantasy I can’t help but melt. “Teasing Your Cummies Out” is just one more masterpiece in a streak of teasing sessions that Goddess Lycia has crafted in recent memory. I can highly recommend “The Gentlemen’s Club” and “The Sperm Collector” as well. Both of those also feature teasing and Goddess’ world renown “kissies” as tools to capture the arousal within that desperately wants to be released. One of my favorite pastimes as of late has been to stack one of Goddess Lycia’s T&D files before one of these tease (and release) files to give myself an hour or more of exquisite denial before finally being allowed relief. It can be tortuous, but the end result is worth it.

I desperately hope that Goddess never stops making these kind of files that are full of her teasing and kissing and forced orgasms. Her style in this subsection of femdom erotic hypnosis is highly effective. There are many who also do these kinds of sessions well, but Goddess Lycia brings a unique approach that is as true to her personality as it is erotically charged and sexy. No one does it the way she does. I truly believe that the entire fetish benefits from having her voice as part of it.

from Matty on Inraptured

OMG what a nice testimonial. So many kissies! And of course I will make more. Share your ideas, requests, and suggestions with me via email.

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