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Over 500 Lipsticks

Hello mooshkas!

So I have over 500 lipsticks, bought almost completely by slaves over the years. I have creamy lipstick, as well as the kind that goes on wet and dries matte. Tubes that have been well used, to ones that have been used only once or twice. Every shade of pink, every shade of red, and every shade of nude, as well as several less conventional hues. Shiny and glittery lippies, too.

Originally, most of the lipsticks cost anywhere from $20 to over $100. And I am offering to sell them to interested admirers. Well, not all of them, but many.

If you are interested in buying a lipstick from me, they are available starting from $25 per tube, plus shipping. Add some extra for the time I will take to carefully look through each of my 500+ lipsticks to find the perfect one for you, and to lovingly package it along with a handwritten note- stamped with my with my very own lipstick print! So it’ll be about $50. Send an email with the subject “Lippy, Please!” to goddesslycia at gmail, and include any inquiries. Also include specifics on what type of lipstick you’re looking for.

If you are a sissy or crossdresser, you ought to jump HARD and FAST on this opportunity. If you are a lipstick fetishist, or even just a Goddess Lycia fan, you should also consider the living daylights out of this chance to own something so intimately used by a Legendary Goddess.

Additionally, for an extra fee, I would be willing to make a short custom clip of me applying the lipstick. Either a tutorial of sorts (for the sissies), or something more straight-up sexy. Because I do not usually do custom clips, the added fee would start at $150.

Just imagine applying to your lips the very same lippy that has touched my own! To even hold it and smell it would be truly divine!

Here is a small selection of my lipstick collection. I have hundreds of others in various storage containers through out the house, as well as drawers and handbags full of them.

So yes, shoot me an email if interested, and we can work something out.

*luscious lipstick kissies*

Goddess Lycia

lipstick fetish

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