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Erotic Surrealism by Roman Velichko

Hello, dear mooshkas. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I dig art. On twitter and instagram, I randomly post works that appeal to me. I figured I’d post about art more often to my journal, here, with more context.

Featured here are some works by Roman Velichko, an artist from Russia, born in 1968. It’s difficult to find much info about this artist online, at least through my USA-based search engine. There’s no Wiki page or anything. If you find any info, send it my way. All I know is his name, birth date, and that he spent some time in the air force.

So far, my favorite is the one with the piano beach, the libation glass (with a ship growing out), and the pair of pouty, red lips melting into the shore. He paints in other colors, btw, but I am in the mood for his warmer hues, and feel they fit well on this blog, with its lipstick fetish theme.

erotic surrealism lips erotic surrealism

 erotic surrealism erotic surrealism

I just recently discovered Velichko, and surely have not seen his entire portfolio. From what I’ve viewed so far, there is a common erotic mood to his unique surrealist approach. Even in his works which do not contain any human form (fragments of nude feminine figures appear to be a motif), there is a sultry sensuality. Lots of glossiness, which to me always suggests sex, for obvious reasons. The technique he employs comes across as an intriguing mix of whimsy and density; you can see the weight of the water as it splashes, and of the leaves and flower petals as they swirl in the atmosphere.

Aside from the aesthetically pleasing appeal of his work overall (I would love to have something like this hanging on the wall in my bedroom), I’m particularly impressed by Velichko’s ability to portray immense eroticism in a seemingly simple, surreal landscape. When I view his pieces, I see lust. And more than the subject matter of a given piece, the lusty quality appears to be driven by the medium he uses, and the way in which it is used. There is a thick, creaminess to much of his work.

 erotic surrealism

erotic surrealism erotic surrealism

Lately, I’ve been particularly interested in erotic surrealism, for viewing pleasure. Interestingly, this type of erotic art does not need to involve nudity, a human form, or even a commonly fetishized object. Media, technique, and composition play as much of a role as symbolism in suggesting sensuality in a given piece of art. Similar to how a word with pleasant connotations can be spoken in an ugly way, and a word with repelling connotations can be spoken sweetly, a given visual object can be depicted in whichever manner the artist chooses.

While none of the subject matter I’ve seen in Velichko’s work is by any means ugly, I am reminded about how a cloud, a leaf, or simply an area of empty space can be made into something with a strong essence of passion. Meanwhile, the symbolism he does employ, such as full red lips, cherries and strawberries, and other delectable treats, syncs well with the erotic art I create for consumption online. I feel like my erotic audio files, for example, share the coalescence of thickness and obscurity which is represented in the works of Velichko. There are the qualities of depth and darkness, as well as those of of playfulness and fantasy. A certain flippancy and defiance, that is somehow also accessible and satisfying.

erotic surrealism

erotic surrealism


I hope you enjoyed this post, mooshkas. Because I plan to post more like it in the future, regardless. Also, thanks to those of you who have been sending me Kissymas gifts and tributes! Today I received and deposited a money order for $1,000 from pili, who also bought me my new slips from Secrets in Lace. Additionally, I received jewelry from holesie (I especially love the ring), bedding and bath products from loadzie (that rose bubble bath- -talk about decadence), lipstick and other makeup from hppuff, a shiatsu shoulder massager from minnie, and other assorted gifts from some darn sweet subbies. Pics of me with some of the stuff can be (and will be) found on my social media, as well as on my Patreon site.

Continue to think correctly, serving your higher purpose to the ultimate Goddess *kissies*

lipstick fetish

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