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Lady in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets – Face Fetish

Here are a couple of face fetish photos I recently posted to Instagram. I’ve been told many times how versatile I am with my looks, and I think these two images are good examples for comparison. The first one suggests a Lady you might take home to your family. She has a pretty smile, she’s well-kept, and she is modest with her makeup. One might even suggest she looks innocent, although we know better.

The second look was inspired by a request from an admirer. The guy wanted to see me make a fetish clip where I am wearing fishnet clothing, a thick, rhinestone choker, and large hoop earrings, as well as heavy makeup. I liked his idea for the look, but he was apprehensive about buying me the necessary items (which were added to my wishlists). So I got another slave to buy me the fishnets, and made do with smaller hoop earrings and a pearl almost-choker, which I already owned.

I didn’t make a clip, because I have still not been in clip-making mode. But I got some snazzy photos out of the look, some of which are posted to my Patreon.

I was delighted to receive a hate comment on the latter image. By now, I know that hate comments mean I am pushing the envelope and surprising people; evoking a response. Which basically means I am doing something right.

I suppose one of the reasons you boys have a legitimate internet crush on me is because of my versatility. I could go into the psychology behind all that, but I’ll just let it be, for now.

Meanwhile, I have a question: do any of you have a face fetish? I always thought face fetish should be a thing, but didn’t see categories for it on fetish clip sites until recently. I should probably tag more of my lipstick fetish clips with that term.

Anyway, if you do have a face fetish, send me an email on either Niteflirt or iWantClips, telling me what you’d like to see me create in the form of photos and videos. I want to get more into that, but I want to know more about what appeals to those who have that fetish.

Okay, I’d better save some of my writing energy for private Patreon posts and erotic script-writing for future audio files. Lots of love~


Goddess Lycia

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