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New List of Open Slave Positions – January 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve put up a list of open positions for slaves, and figured it’s about time to fix that. I do, indeed, have some slots to be filled by those who wish to contribute to my lifestyle and perhaps get a bit closer to the all-amazing, legendary Femdom Goddess they’ve admired for so long. Besides, it would be nice to have some further organization to your servitude, would it not?

I won’t take just anyone who offers, so we’d have to do an interview of sorts after you apply. As far as applying goes, you will write me an email (goddesslycia@gmail.com), stating your position of interest (in the subject line), your qualifications, and your reasons for wanting to serve.

In no particular order:

Positions that require skill & time

  1. Web slave – Assist with my Femdom and fetish websites. Up-to-date coding knowledge and experience required.
  2. Graphics slave – Help create graphics for my sites, social media, overall online presence, and marketing/promotion.
  3. Audio and/or video expert – Assist with the erotic files I sell, help me learn things to make them better.

Positions that require fiscal commitment

  1. Makeup slave – Responsible for purchasing one makeup item of my choice every week.
  2. Wishlist slave – Responsible for purchasing one wishlist item (other than makeup) of my choice every week
  3. 500 Club slave – Responsible for sending me $500 per month, for me to do with as I wish
  4. 1k Club slave – Same as above, but twice as much

That’s it for now. Serious applicants only, please. And ask me any questions about details privately *kissies*

Goddess Lycia aka Lipstick Domme


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