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Lipstick Domme
Lipstick Domme Journal

“Glossy Red Seduction” Video

Glossy Red Seduction

This was a custom glossy lipstick fetish clip that I edited down a bit so all can enjoy.

subbie’s request:

Please apply lipstick and gloss over and over again while telling me how much I love watching you apply. I love when you go back and forth and round and round. Red and very glossy sounds great. Please make sure when I get aroused, I know I have to do something nice for you.

Includes: lipstick fetish, lip gloss fetish, red lipstick, lipstick application, full lips, goddess worship, redhead, femdom, financial domination

7:44 mins for $14.99

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Goddess Worship – NiteFlirtiWantClipsClips4Sale

Pig Slave Programming 2.0 (SEQUEL)

Pig Slave Programming 2.0 (SEQUEL)

You PIGGY FREAKBOYS loved the first one and begged for a sequel. Well now you have it- a hypno-humiliation file which will further your training as a PIG SLAVE. This PIG SLAVE training file will reinforce concepts from the original PIG SLAVE PROGRAMMING, and will also include:


Just admit it- you either identify as a PIG SLAVE, or you desperately want to identify as a PIG SLAVE. Just the idea of your PIGGISHNESS being forever tied to your sexuality is so embarrassing, your little circus pig is already starting to twitch and throb.

This file is powerfully mesmerizing, and you will find your behavior and desires permanently altered in a way that makes it so that you are as sexually PIGGISH as possible. It will be really, really mortifying, sweetie. Like, you will never be the same again.

Includes: Femdom hypnosis, humiliation, pig slave training, orgasm control, tease and denial, exhibitionism

32:43 mins. for $29.99

Listen to a sample HERE

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Goddess Worship – NiteFlirtiWantClips



This Femdom hypnosis file makes it so that you are HYPERAROUSED whenever you are around women. You will get intense, uncontrollable erections very easily, at the slightest glimpse of whatever turns you on. It could be slight cleavage, high-heeled shoes, an ass in tight pants- anything that could possibly cause you sexual excitement is magnified times a thousand. These visual details will become so apparent in public that you will be getting boners all the time, even if it’s while you are at work or in a bad timing situation.

Your penis will have a mind of its own- it will become helplessly hard over every little possibly sexual detail, even around women you wouldn’t have previously found attractive. You will completely lose all control over your “circus animal,” to the point where it becomes embarrassing. You will feel frequent urges to achieve sexual release as soon as possible, either through masturbation or intercourse with a lover. Your newfound extreme hyperarousal will be permanent, and will get even worse if you try to resist.

Includes: Femdom hypnosis, erotic mind control, heightened sexual arousal, uncontrollable erections

32:40 mins. for $34.99

Listen to a sample HERE

Purchase through:
Goddess Worship – NiteFlirt – iWantClips



This humiliation audio file will help you continue on your path of being a pussy-free, porn-addicted, perverted weirdo- needing to do things like perv on toesies, make pig noises in your head when you see a pretty lady, and pay for online humiliation.

You will listen to these mantras during ALL of your diddle sessions, and repeat them out loud as often as you can.

These weirdo diddle mantras will be deeply ingrained into your mind, making it impossible for you to ever deny or resist your perverted loser lifestyle. YAY!

Includes: humiliation, humiliation mantras, brainwashing, edging, gooning, orgasm denial

Mantras loop 3X during session

35:38 mins. for $29.99

Listen to a sample HERE

Purchase through:
Goddess Worship – NiteFlirt – iWantClips


You boys have been programmed by my erotic hypnosis audios, videos, and phone sessions to be incapable of cumming without my permission. Every day, I get messages from you, begging me to allow you release. Sometimes I say yes, sometimes I say no, and other times I make you jump through hoops to get permission. Well let’s make this a little easier for me, shall we?

There are 12 NiteFlirt pay-to-view buttons to this game. Three of them give you permission to cum however you like, three of them deny you any permission at all, and six of them allow you to orgasm in the humiliating manner of my choosing! Each humiliating orgasm is different than the others, and each pay-to-view contains a unique, written response to your plea to make cummies.

I can just imagine you, with your purple, poofy penis, pointing like an arrow in my direction, both frightened and excited to discover its fate. ~smiles~

This game includes: tease and denial, orgasm denial, humiliation, humiliating masturbation, humiliating orgasms, permission to cum, financial domination, feminization

Visit the game any time HERE!


Goddess Lycia

“Toesie Freak” MP3

Toesie Freak

This Femdom hypnosis session will turn you into an extreme pervert for toesies. You will become ridiculously obsessed with female toes, especially if they are painted. Your toesie fixation will occur nearly all the time, whether you are at home with the internet and magazines, or out and about in public. Images of toesies will completely fill your mind and your world, and they will become the #1 most erotic thing ever.

Your toesie perversion will be incredibly humiliating, and you will feel intense embarrassment about your dire need to incessantly perv on and diddle to toesies- but it will be impossible for you to get off unless toesie imagery is somehow involved. No worries, though, because toesies will be so deeply and irrevocably embedded in all aspects of your mind for them to ever possibly be absent!

Includes: toe fetish, toes fetish, toesie fetish, toesies fetish, painted toes fetish, intense humiliation, femdom hypnosis, erotic mind control, brainwashing, fetish obsession, toesie fixation

36:45 mins. for $34.99

Listen to a sample HERE

Purchase through:
Goddess WorshipNiteFlirtiWantClips

Luxury Vegas Pics (+ BONUS Video!)

Luxury Vegas Pics

Here is a very special photo package from my glamorous trip to Las Vegas- arranged just for you!

You will see selfies I took while out and about, as well as photos of some of my favorite places in the city. Best of all, you will see several images of me relaxing in the luxurious hotel suite, including 15 photos of me in the bubble bath, where I tease and seduce you with my red lips, long fingernails, and delectable Goddess toesies!

Buy them up, mooshkas! I travel, you pay!

Includes: goddess worship, blonde fetish, curvy blonde, lipstick fetish, fingernail fetish, foot fetish, money mistress, findom, travel

BONUS: With this photo set you will also receive a video montage of footage from my vegas trip, including lipstick fetish, smoking fetish, and other awe-inspiring sights!

Purchase through:
Goddess WorshipNiteFlirt

“Porn Cuck” MP3

Porn Cuck

This erotic audio file will brainwash you to imagine yourself as the cuckold in every “vanilla” porn video you watch. You will seek out female porn stars that resemble your wife, girlfriend, and exes, and you will feel a deep “soul mate” connection to them. Whenever you watch videos of couples having sex, you will really feel like you are watching someone you are in love with getting it on with another man. You will even envision yourself as part of the scene; the helpless-yet-aroused voyeur, watching and masturbating to the object of your romantic affection getting fucked.

Your feelings of erotic humiliation become stronger as you listen. What at first seemed like playful fetish or fantasy becomes more realistic, as you become more acutely aware of your position as a cuckold. You begin to understand the shame of being sexually rejected and “friend zoned” by the women you desire, having no other choice than to watch and feel jealous and horny.

NOTE: Listen to this brainwashing file during your porn viewings, to enhance the effects.

Includes: erotic brainwashing, porn fetish, cuckold fetish, erotic humiliation

18:10 for $24.99

Listen to a sample HERE

Purchase through:
Goddess WorshipNiteFlirt iWantClips

“Shiny Black Kissies” Video

Shiny Black Kissies

Capitalizing on this custom lipstick fetish clip I made for a fan!

“You’re wearing black lipstick and pale face makeup. Pure kisses clip with a close up of your perfect face. You give lots and lots of kisses, bombarding me with your kisses knowing that I will eventually cum from the power of your kisses. Similar to woah lips in black with the different kisses sexy, wet, long, etc.”

5:36 mins for $9.99

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Goddess WorshipNiteFlirtiWantClipsClips4Sale

“Horny Chastity” MP3

Horny Chastity

This audio training file is intended to brainwash you into needing to remain chaste to ONE PERSON ONLY- and that is ME, Goddess Lycia. This means you will be unable to experience an orgasm without MY expressed permission. Also, you will be extremely horny about being in chastity to me… like hornier than ever before. Which will make being chaste more difficult, but also more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Includes: chastity training, male chastity, chastity fetish, orgasm control, orgasm denial, tease and denial

20+ for $24.99

Listen to a sample HERE

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Goddess WorshipNiteFlirt iWantClips