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The Smoking Thing

Hey mooshkas!

I know I’ve addressed this topic on my Patreon, but I am not sure I’ve addressed it publicly, otherwise.

As some of you might remember, I quit smoking a while back. I had been a smoker from a young age, probably around 14 years old (yikes). Then, about 7 years ago, I spontaneously quit. Which lasted for 5½ years.

Did I tell you guys the story of how I quit? It’s pretty interesting.

It started with me chain-smoking during some kind of cold or lung infection. I just remember I was coughing a lot, but I’d take my cold meds and smoke anyway while I worked online. I was making money for my upcoming trip to Italy, which I had planned with my mother.

It was already kind of stressful, knowing I had a trip to another country coming up- –with my mother– -with whom I’ve had a rocky past.

Then, a few days before the trip, my house was burglarized. It was a pretty awful feeling, and added to the stress. Kindly, the burglars left my itinerary for Italy and my passport, although they took the bag they were in and everything else in it (camera, mp3 player, laptop, etc.)

So me and my mother go to Italy, and the first day was as screwy as a paypig’s ball sack. No- it was screwier than that. We missed trains, took the wrong trains, walked in circles all over the place. And I was carrying all our luggage, both mine and hers, because of her structural issues.

Anyway, that night, at our hotel in Orvieto, I had my first asthma attack. I didn’t even know I was doing it in my sleep, but my mom heard it and woke me up. I was making this awful sound, trying to get a breath in. It was pretty disturbing to us both. Mom had a ventilator with her, and gave me a hit, to help calm the issue.

The next morning, upon waking, I decided that was it- I was quitting cigarettes. I had a carton of American Spirits and a carton of Virginia Slims 120s- menthol. We took both cartons into an alleyway for someone to discover and be happy about.

The main reason I quit without planning it is because I had said to myself for years that I’d quit when I had proof that it was harming me, physically. And I took the asthma attack as proof. Plus, my lungs just felt shot. I was done.

For the two (still stressful) weeks in Italy, it was easy for me to not smoke. Ironically, because everyone else was smoking. But I was having those asthma attacks every day and night. We had to get my own ventilators at an Italian pharmacy.

It was when I returned home, to my usual “smoking environment,” that I started feeling the struggle. What was I supposed to do with my hands? I was without my “companion.”

That’s when I started making collages, to keep my mind and hands occupied. Recently, this collage, in particular, has been mocking me.

I made it over five years as a non-smoker, and I was proud of it. Then, a year and a half ago, I went through a breakup. I actually started smoking a bit before the breakup, but only because I was unhappy and knew it was coming. All it took to break my over-five-years roll was a (really) shitty mindset and a friend who happened to smoke, who I asked for a cig.

I started sneaking around, buying packs here and there and smoking privately. After a month or so, I was smoking regularly, and gradually coming out of the closet to my friends, family, and fans.

I wasn’t proud of myself; am still not. But it’s what happened, and rather than hide it from everyone, I let the cat out of the bag and smoked right on up, knowing I would quit again. Knowing I had to.

So I’ve been smoking again for a year and a half, and I am just about ready to stop. There are a hundred thousand reasons why I need to stop, and I don’t feel the need to list them all here. But I decided that, while I was smoking, I’d throw a few bones to the guys with a smoking fetish. They will soon have to live with the fact that I quit, again, and they can go watch clips from some other Lady who does smoke. And if they like me for who I am without the smoking, they will continue service to me.

I actually went through a few processes to quit, within the past year. I got nicotine patches, which I found myself ripping right off so that I could just enjoy a freaking cigarette. Tried vaping, which I really didn’t like. I got a prescription for Chantix, which I discovered is not covered by my insurance, and would cost over $500 for a month’s worth. I even went to a hypnotherapist. The guy got me to change my brand, but I ended up cancelling my third (final) appointment, because I just didn’t feel quite ready. As my hypno fans know, you gotta want it.

And I am feeling it coming on, now- the being ready. There are too many motivators to ignore. If I made a list of pros and cons (which I might have), the pros of quitting would far outweigh the cons of quitting.

I plan for it to happen soon. It will be rough for a couple months, but I can push through. I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress, here and there.


“Humiliation for Porn Addicts and Diddlefreaks” Video

“Humiliation for Porn Addicts and Diddlefreaks ” Video

Need to be reminded of what a weirdo pervert you are? Hint: the answer is YES.

It feels good to hear the truth, in a matter-of-fact way. And the truth involves me calling you unsavory names while I smoke a cig.

In all honesty, your porn addiction and masturbation habit are ridiculous, and you deserve to feel embarrassed. And I know that you probably have a humiliation fetish, too- so you will be jerking off to this video clip of me just telling you how it is, lol.

8:43 mins. for $12.99

Includes: humiliation, verbal humiliation, smoking fetish, red lips

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“Lipstick Lollipop 2” Fetish Clip

“Lipstick Lollipop 2” Fetish Clip

Recently, I found a “Lipstick Lollipop” video I made years ago, and it inspired me to make a new one!

Watch Goddess Lycia (THE Lipstick Domme) apply red liner, red lipstick, and gloss. Then, notice how her sexy, luscious lips work around the lollipop. She spins it, sucks it, licks it, and makes you wonder how in the world it is possible for anyone to be so incredibly sensual and powerful. I mean, it’s just a lady sitting there- -fully clothed- -sucking on a lollipop. Totally innocent…right? 12 mins. for $14.99


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Lipstick Domme Selfie


blonde findomme

Might as well utilize my own internet property at least as much as I use social media. So here’s a selfie, posted to my own website. I hope to post more updates to my own sites, this year. We’ll see.


“Kissy” Treat” Fetish Clip

“Kissy Treat” Fetish Clip

It’s just a short little video- -a bit over a minute long- -and for only $4.99. What harm could it possibly do? Checking out an inexpensive clip- -of an attractive, blonde Goddess with glossy red lips, a seductive voice, and a dash of subliminal messages- – couldn’t possibly give you an overwhelming desire to immediately tribute more money.

Or could it?

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“Edge to This” Fetish Clip

“Edge to This” Fetish Clip

This brainwashing video includes visual and audio subliminals, which encourage you to edge your horny penis without cumming. It is intended to be looped over and over as you tease yourself to the brink of orgasm multiple times, while always keeping your cummies held back, so that you do not lose the euphoric sensation of being right at your most heightened point of arousal.

6 minutes for $9.99

Includes: brainwashing, edging fetish, feather tease, cock tease, tease and denial, orgasm denial, moaning, kissies, bare feet, goddess worship, sensual domination, mock sympathy

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More Vintage Lycia Fetish Clips!

Hey mooshkas!

You might have seen- -or even purchased- -my “Vintage Lycia Fetish Clips Part 1,” which I gathered together and put up for sale on Niteflirt a few years ago:

Vintage Lycia Fetish Clips Part 1

Here are 15 fetish clips, ranging from approximately 5-15 minutes long, which are no longer for sale anywhere else online! These clips include erotic hypnosis, brainwashing, smoking fetish, lipstick fetish, foot fetish, fingernail fetish, ass worship, tease and denial, chastity, and more. This is such an amazing deal, jump on it RIGHT AWAY…offered for a limited time only.


That set coincided with the release of my Vintage Lycia Fetish Photos package:

Here are 200 extremely sexy fetish photos of Goddess Lycia from before she was a platinum blonde. These images used to be available on her members-only site, which closed down. Pantyhose, stockings, lingerie, latex, pvc, corsets, foot fetish, fingernail fetish, smoking fetish, financial fetish, BDSM, and tease & denial are included in these amazingly hot photos of sensual, voluptuous Goddess Lycia. If you haven’t seen them, you MUST, and if you have seen them, well you *know* it’s time to revisit!


Recently inspired by a member of my late “Cult of Lycia” membership site, I gathered together some more vintage Lycia clips, for those who are interested. I present you with:

Vintage Lycia Fetish Clips Part 2

This is a continuation of my “Vintage Lycia Fetish Clips Part 1” package, which sold surprisingly well! I’ve discovered that those of you who partook in my “Cult of Lycia” membership site- -back in the day- -love to take nostalgic looks back. Newbies to my world- -on the other hand- -enjoy every glimpse they can get into the history which lead to a true legend of the online Femdom community. So here are 15 more vintage clips, ranging in length from approximately 3-20 minutes.

Themes include: brainwashing and mind control; lipstick and gloss fetish; feet, hosiery, and high heels; tease & denial and guided masturbation; and a tad both of findom and smoking. Enjoy this stellar deal, mooshkas! *kissies*


And here- -separately arranged- -is my package of:

Vintage Lycia SMOKING Clips

A collection of highly seductive smoking fetish clips that were discontinued, and are now available again for your viewing (and perhaps diddling) pleasure!


Buy ’em up if you want ’em! I’m not sure how long I will keep any of these vintage packages available, but I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to access, if desired.

Going through these old clips made me realize that I want to make more new ones! I feel like I’ve gotten better at a number of things, including makeup. I feel more physically attractive now than I was 10 or 15 years ago. I’ve also become more experienced, in a variety of ways, which I think will come through positively in newer clips. So in a month or so, I hope to come out with something new, video-wise.

If you guys have any requests, shoot me an email to let me know. Also, if there are any older clips that you fondly remember and wish to see again, let me know- maybe I still have them!

Many kissies,

Goddess Lycia

Lycia’s EDGEucation Program

Lycia’s EDGEucation Program

Welcome to my EDGEucation program, where students with “special needs” are taught how to edge and deny themselves for an entire week.

The program lasts seven days, and the daily lessons are in the form of downloadable mp3 files. Each audio lesson is about ten minutes long, and will tell you all the tools you need and rules you need to follow for the corresponding day. Near the end of each lesson, you will be given an assignment to complete, and you will need to send me proof of its completion.

As a student with special needs, you obviously require very specific instruction on how to tease and deny yourself, or you just get all frazzled and lost. As a compassionate EDGEucatrix, I am here to provide you with some much-needed structure, in regards to your genital region and your orgasms. You know you need a capable authority figure to tell you what to do with your body, how to do it, and with which tools. When left to your own decisions and devices, not much is accomplished, is it?

Day one starts whenever you know you have seven days in a row in which to study and do your tasks. In order to graduate from the program, you will need to do the lessons in order, without skipping a day. If you successfully complete the program, including each of your daily assignments, you earn a very special reward: permission to beg me for an orgasm.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Review each audio file the night before assignments are to be performed, or early in the morning on the day of the lesson. Each entire day in this program will revolve around your lesson and assignment, so you need to be prepared.

Program includes: edging, edging instruction, masturbation instruction, joi, tease and denial, orgasm denial, chastity training, male chastity, teacher fetish, female authority figure, slave assignments, slave tasks, slave training, brainwashing, mind fucking

Day 1: Brushes and Feathers

For today’s assignment, you will need either makeup brushes, feathers, or another soft object to tease yourself with. Further instructions inside. 9:23 mins for $9.99

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Day 2: Nipples and Anal

Today you will be focusing on teasing your nipples and anal area. You will not enter the anus, but will be dealing with the external area (therefore, you will not need any plugs or dildos). You will, however, need something to pinch your nipples with, such as clothespins or office clips. Further instructions inside. 10:12 mins for $9.99

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Day 3: Porn Binging

Today you will be spending as much time as possible watching and/or listening to porn. Gather up all your favorite sexual videos, audios, and images, and prepare to be overwhelmed with erotic stimuli. Further instructions inside. 8:17 mins for $9.99

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Day 4: Humping Things

Today you are prohibited from using your hands for stimulation. Instead, you will be instructed on what to hump, how to hump it, and for how long. 7:53 mins for $9.99

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Day 5: Red Light Green Light

Today’s lesson consists of a guided masturbation session, which you will listen to as instructed. Each time you listen, you must adhere to my commands with precision. 12:41 mins for $14.99

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Day 6: Oral Everything

Today you will learn how to develop an intense oral fixation, which will be very sexual in nature. You will need both a phallic and yonic object on which to practice. 10:35 mins for $9.99

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Day 7: All Day Diddlefest

For the final lesson, you will be taught how to masturbate all day long without having an orgasm. 10:12 mins for $14.99

Purchase through:
Niteflirt – iWantClips


FEBRUARY 2018 – It’s Goddess Lycia Month!


Happy Goddess Lycia Month! Here’s what I want-

I want everything on all of my wishlists. See the categorized lists on the left. Clear them all.

Gift Card Priorities (send to goddesslycia@gmail.com)

Sephora (makeup!)

Amazon (everything)

Of course, I want lots of MONEY. Straight-up funds. We can negotiate privately how you will be sending the money to me, or you can do whatever you are used to and comfortable with. You are welcome to tribute through Niteflirt, iWantClips, or Clips4Sale; just know they take a hefty percentage. Niteflirt tributes take the least amount of the three, so I end up with the most through them. I have not yet tried general tributes through Patreon, but that may be a good option, as they take even less of a percentage than Niteflirt.

Working on a secret project for the pervies out there who need some Femdom control over their slut parts- I hope to have it out by the end of the month.

For now, get celebrating! And get this, too.


Goddess Lycia aka Lipstick Domme