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You're on the right page, sweetie. I should remind you that it's one thing to buy my fetish clips and mp3s, or to call me for Femdom phone sessions, and a completely other thing to actually serve me. I honestly think that serving me is a privilege, and helps bring purpose and a greater sense of fulfillment to your life. I am generally pretty down-to-earth, but I definitely identify with the title "Goddess." Not in an imaginary-lady-in-the-sky type of way, but in the embodiment of feminine beauty type of way. And I mean "beauty" in more than one sense.

So, back to your true purpose in life.

I am sure you've seen the tribute buttons and the gift certificate links on this page? Use those, and often. I especially enjoy tributes of $500 or more. I'll even place some buttons on this page, for easier access. Just don't expect me to always be so accommodating ;)

lipstick fetishlipstick fetish

Write to me. Send me an e-mail in which you introduce yourself. Tell me your fetishes, and why you feel like you identify with me as a potential Mistress. Sure, I do random phone sessions with come-and-go fetishists, but I prefer to deal with three-dimensional characters. It's not much fun to play with a cardboard cutout of a maybe-human being. Oh, and tell me if you have any talents which might be beneficial to me (web design/coding, recording skills, video skills, art, writing, etc).

After I get your e-mail, we can take it from there. Every person is different, so I do not have a general training regime.

So, start below. Do something for me that lets me know you appreciate and wish to serve me, and then enjoy knowing that you've pleased Goddess.


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