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Erotic Surrealism by Yang Na

Hey again, mooshkas. It looks like at least least some of you enjoyed my post which featured the art of Roman Velichko, the Russian artist with barely any info about himself online. His art sure does make my blog look pretty.

The artist featured today is Yang Na, a Chinese woman, born in 1982. I’m pretty sure this is her official website.

When I first discovered her works, I may have audibly gasped. I kind of felt like I was looking in a mirror! If you’ve seen the selfies I post to my social media and such, there are definitely some similarities. I almost exclusively post images of my face, up close. The emphasis is on my lips and eyes, which are adorned with heavy makeup. As an online domme, one of my specialties is the lipstick fetish, hence the name of this site. I like to experiment with a variety of makeup looks, as well as a variety of angles and facial expressions, most of which come across as sultry.

smoking fetish surreal art lips fetish surrealism

lipstick surreal red lips art surrealism lipstick

The selection displayed on this post features some of Yang Na’s more erotic pieces. The doll-faced subjects have full, painted lips, which are sometimes engaged in some kind of oral activity, such as smoking, drooling, licking, or sucking. The lips are almost always slightly open, which gives them an inviting appearance. Nude breasts are also a common theme in Na’s works. Sometimes there are multiple breasts, or the breasts are misplaced, and sometimes they appear to be squirting milk or some other milk-like substance.

Because the art is surreal, and because it’s surreal portraiture, in particular, there is naturally a disturbing element amidst the more prominent tone of sensuality and glamour. For example, if you look closely at some of the pieces, you might notice little patches of black hairs where they shouldn’t be, or what seems to be a completely bald head, or that the subject has the nose of a pig. Also, many artists of the pop surrealism movement create very young-looking characters, who have very mature expressions. It’s almost as if the subjects are children, but without innocence. Check out the works of Mark Ryden and Ray Caesar, for other examples.

surreal art lipstick pop surrealism surreal lips
erotic surrealism erotic surrealism dollface art

I find Na’s work to be very alluring and evocative. Arousing, even. It may not be considered “erotic art,” per se, but I find it more erotic than a lot of the other art out there which is classified within that genre. The more disconcerting elements make the art more interesting to me, because one can project their own meaning onto the symbolism. As with the art of Velichko, Na’s erotic surrealism often contains glossy and creamy textures. You might have noticed a couple of images where the subject appears to be sinking or bathing in creamy fluid. Is it breast milk? Is it semen? Whatever it is, it suggests to me something sexual. Of course, the pieces involving lipstick prints, drips, and smears appeal to my own lipstick fetish.

lipstick fetish art yang na keyhole pop surrealism

Hope you enjoyed this art post, mooshkas; I’ll do more as the desire hits me. If you wish to encourage and inspire my art connoisseurship, buy me a subscription to Juxtapoz magazine. I was hoping someone would do that for Kissymas, which it technically still is (it goes for all of December).


~Goddess Lycia aka THE Lipstick Domme

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lipstick fetish goddess lycia lipstick

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